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TRANSFORMATIONS (John Dan Reib, 1976)

TRANSFORMATIONS 1976 By John Dan Reib (1940-1993)
This Book is dedicated to: R. Buckminister Fuller And Werner Erhard My love for what they are doing is beyond words.

Copyright 2001 Edward Charles Reib
Chapter One
I saw the rainbow starsky.Not with my earth eyes, with my brainfire that is itself a star.Deep lightspears faceting from suns and stars and darkblue space dancing through high mountain air. I rose a lightcloud of no particular shape toward the skyhome above green earthmountains, and the cities rock-frozen, flesh-frozen.And suddenly it was all white light.They came from the white light to me in the white light.They messaged my lives to me, and the paths I had walked and would walk. They messaged love in rainbows and dark music lightshattering skyfoam, like space soap.The sky was orange; then deep blue, and the mountains were beneath me. Flesh people often call them saints and devils and gods.I call them friends.They messaged voices and tastes and smells and images and worlds an…