Every once in a while, I go through my dad's old papers
to find an old poem he wrote,
which I have not yet read, nor transcribed.
Today is one of those days...



Is it God thundering in the skies?

Is it the love in your eyes

That glow as the crystal of spring?

Is it the wavecrash on the mist of cliffs

Where the sea edges down on the forests

of the night?


What greater madness than to laugh in the skies

overwhelms us?

What greater majic than the darkness of the stars?

It's there, you'll hear it if you listen.


To the nightfall of the riversteamboats echoing

down the portals of the mind.

See the rainbow of the universe in one shadow

of another's humankind.

Walk crystal clear in the eyes of shining lakes

and seek what you would find.

And listen.

Listen to the echo

Of the songs of Infinite Mind.

(John Dan Reib, 1959)