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Our First Five Days In Japan

With a backpack and a suitcase each, we Ubered to the airport. Armond our driver, upon learning of my profession, asked me for advice dealing with his sports injuries. In front of the Bradley Terminal, a group of young protesters with megaphones were shaming Air France and Delta for transporting animals for testing. Their words and their passion evoked tears from my chest, and I couldn't hold them back.

We passed through security, walked to gate 150-B, boarded, and flew northwest just under Alaska then Siberia, and worked our way down the East Coast of Asia. Alan, from Singapore, recommended watching “Interstellar” so we did. It was great, and inspired thoughts of other worlds Charles might visit in my Podcast “The Coffeehouse: An Interdimensional Odyssey.” Alan said, “It was great, but… why would there be a black hole right there?” I speculated based on my limited knowledge of such things – that perhaps the water planet was an outer planet or a moon of an outer planet of…