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Morning Routine

Good morning! I just thought I'd check in at this point with my morning routine for the usual suspects, friends, family, myself in the future, and people who might be interested after I finish this incarnation, et cetera.

This is a weekday morning schedule, and I've discovered through trial and error that it's a good idea to start Saturdays and Sundays with something very similar to this, though the exact timing may vary.

So, the exact way it worked today (it worked particularly well this morning, hence the interest in recording it here) was as follows:

6:07am Wake up, grab the water bottle from beside the bed, put on boxers and bathrobe and go outside to the yoga mat on the East side of the house.

I'm looking these up as I go and will try to include all the Sanskrit names for the poses I do regularly in this post (eventually). Starting with Tadasana Samasthiti(Mountain pose), then reaching up with both arms upward coming together into prayer hands above the he…