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Wake with the Firedawn

Wake with the firedawn and go wandering –
This is the city of crowded eyes –
Los Angeles – harbinger of innocence
And oversize garbage cans –
Wake with the firedawn and go wandering –
Down the streets with a thousand freaks
All thinking ugly thoughts about each other –
All over the world – certain unchosen people
Everywhere think this is Mecca –
And they flock here in their baggy pantaloons
Full of problems, worries, and addicted to
Credit spending – crumbs on their moustaches –
Watery eyed brats with runny noses, and
Whining undernourished wives –
Los Angeles – sweet mother that she is –
Welcomes them with open black mandibles
To her web

Wake with the firedawn and go wandering –
Everything here is for sale – even some guy’s
broken leg – look in the papers at the want adds
That’s our who’s who – look at the papers at
Our want adds – everythings for sale –
See the one-eyed barbecue pit –
And the naked nylon socks –
Everything’s for sale!
God love ya!
The people that make the most mon…

Words for the Day: 華開世界起

華開世界起 (“kekai-sekai-ki”) literally means “The opening of flowers is the occurrence of the world”. The quote is attributed to Bodhidharma's Master, Prajñātāra.

"You and I and the rest, we all get to play out its unfolding in many transformation flowers." - Transformations 8:4