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Reality Face

The Buddha's true dharma body (reality-face)
is just like space
it manifests its form according to thing-events
like the moon reflected in water.

Master Sōsan once asked the monk Ācārya Toku, "It is said that the Buddha’s true Dharma body is just like space, and it manifests its form according to things, like the moon reflected in water. How do you preach this principle of mutual accordance?"

Toku said, "It is like a donkey looking into a well."

Master Sōsan said, "Your words are extremely nice words, but they only express eighty or ninety percent."

Toku says, "What would the master say?"

Master Sōsan says, "It is like the well looking at the donkey.”

from "Shobogenzo"
Master Dogen speaking to the monks on the evening of the full
moon, September 2, 1240, at Kannondōri in Kōshōhōrin-ji Temple,
Transcribed by Ejō on April 17, 1243.

Words for the day: 意馬心猿

意 will
馬 horse
心 mind
猿 monkey

It's your Horse-Will Monkey-Mind.

If you're not already laughing, and your brow is furrowed, here are some footnotes to goose-chase*.


*Here is the footnote to goose-chase on the subject of goose-chasing footnotes.