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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

DNA-Word for the day: Indolethylamine N-Methyltransferase

The word is written from top to bottom to the left side of this post. if you're having trouble reading it, but you'd like to be able to read it, go to The DNA Alphabet and make flashcards and drill them until you can read it.

Indolethylamine N-Methyltransferase (AKA "Amine N-methyltransferase" AKA "Aromatic alkylamine N-methyltransferase" AKA "Arylamine N-methyltransferase" AKA "Indolamine N-methyltransferase" AKA "Indolethylamine N-methyltransferase" AKA "INMT" ) is a 262 Letter DNA-word. In other words, it is a Protein molecule made up of 262 Amino Acids.

Indolethylamine N-methyltransferase (INMT) catalyzes the N-methylation of Tryptamine and structurally related compounds during normal metabolism.

In the case of the N-methylation of Tryptamine, when this occurs twice on a single Tryptamine molecule, the resulting compound is Dimethyltryptamine (DMT), which is also found in several plants and other mammals. The natural function of its widespread presence remains undetermined.

The gene encoding Indolethylamine N-Methyltransferase is located on chromosome 7 in humans (7p15.2-p15.3).

If you were to read this DNA-word using the DNA-Alphabet pronunciation guide it might end up sounding like this (note: in the below, "aye" means like saying the letter A, not like "aye aye captain"):

"em-kay-goj-fet-goj-dee-why-que-kay-haf-lep-de-why-lat-why-why-sef-deg-ess-pes-pee-aye-eem-lekay-fen-lee-see-la-ha-kay-tef-jep-gel-que-gedet-el-eye-d'eye-jes-gep-tie-why-que-val-aye-aye-see-des-fe-que-d'eye-tel-sed-fet-dran-r'eye-eye-lie-kay-wel-kay-kay-ee-peg-ah-why-dao-tapay-vekay-fay-cee-ee-elee-gen-sag-raw-ee-ee-kay-ee-ee-kay-lar-aye-aye-vek-ra-val-kay-see-day-vah-hel-gen-pal-aye-pay-vel-palay-dee-see-vel-tel-lay-mee-see-aye-see-see-sel-day-why-ray-ay-lasee-nel-aye-ess-lel-kay-peg-gahal-vay-tet-vet-lar-lep-ess-why-mev-gekay-ree-fes-see-vay-lee-kay-ee-ee-vee-que-aye-val-day-gaf-die-ee-que-lal-has-peque-ess-why-ess-va-ten-aye-aye-nen-jev-see-fie-vay-rakay-kay-pegep"     •     (626) 367-9254
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