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Merry Christmas! ..and here is your Christmas present!

But first, The Story of Christmas:

Once upon a time some Greeks passed out psychedelics and dressed up as gods and goddesses and when they’d properly blown your mind they’d put a wooden vagina on your head and pour olive oil all over you and give you a new name: Christos

Then, centuries later, supposedly, some Palestinian hippies popularized the name, and their Italian overlords co-opted it and, eventually, fed it to everyone in their empire, and called it Mass.

Then, when they had conquered Europe and co-opted everybody's Winter Solstice traditions, they blended them all together, tore a page out of Luke's book and built a manger, and stuck the name "Christmas" on it.

Eventually, it became little more than a means for the corporate undead to squeeze a little extra money out of the masses through the emotional blackmail of ideas like "family" and "tradition".

So Merry Christmas to all, and to …

DNA-Word for the day: Indolethylamine N-Methyltransferase