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DNA-Alphabet Pronunciation

In order to begin to allow the human language centers of the brain to digest the alphabet and language of our DNA, rather than reinventing the wheel, we may as well use the single letters chosen by previous generations to refer to the Amino Acids, coupled with a sort of modified Enochian system of pronunciation.

Consonants can be made to flow together with the vowel sounds "eh" and "ah", basically however it feels right at the time.

If two or three letters cannot go together in such a way that each letter is very clearly spoken and heard, they should each be given their own syllable. That will help reduce any slurring, or blending together of the letters, since, for the DNA, typos are not an option, unless they are mutating a word into another word for purpose of either evolution or the gradual disintegration of the organism through the unraveling of the symphony that is the DNA’s word-dance in that particular organism, though of course we know the larger DNA-da…

DNA word for the day: Tryptophan Decarboxylase