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"The Spirit of '76"

The familiar orange "76 ball" we often take for granted represents one of the most deliberately malevolent and despicable advertizing campaigns in human history.


Many of the non-aliphatic hydrocarbons naturally present in gasoline are carcinogenic. Gasoline from delivery truck accidents, and leaks from storage tanks, can and do reach public supplies of drinking water. Even unburnt gasoline and evaporation from the tank, when in the atmosphere, react in sunlight to produce photochemical smog.

Every gallon of gasoline your car burns produces about 19.4 pounds of carbon dioxide, as well as nitrogen oxides, and carbon monoxide in the exhaust of the engine which is burning it. Inhaling or swallowing gasoline can cause seizures, unconsciousness, and death - can harm the nervous system, cause coma, inability to breathe - can cause lung, brain, and kidney damage - can cause muscle weakness, cramps, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, confusion, disorientatio…

The 57 Perceptics

So, yes, this does come from L Ron Hubbard, but don't hold that against it. You might find something positive, as I have, from taking a moment to contemplate each of these 57 Perceptics.
Best, Edward.

1. Time

2. Sight

3. Taste

4. Color

5. Depth

6. Solidity

7. Relative sizes

8. Sound

9. Pitch

10. Tone

11. Volume

12. Rhythm

13. Smell

14. Touch
(pressure, friction, heat or cold and oiliness)

15. Personal emotion

16. Endocrine states

17. Awareness of awareness

18. Personal size

19. Organic sensation
(including hunger)

20. Heartbeat

21. Blood circulation

22. Cellular and bacterial position

23. Gravitic
(self and other weights)

24. Motion of self

25. Motion

26. Body position

27. Joint position

28. Internal temperature

29. External temperature

30. Balance

31. Muscular tension

32. Saline content of self

33. Fields/magnetic

34. Time track motion

35. Physical energy
(personal weariness, etc.)

36. Self-determinism

37. Moisture

38. Sound direction


What’s My Motivation?

As the human race moves forward, some good ideas and art and things become valuable - things get translated from Greek to Arabic and from Arabic to Latin, then to English, and people become enriched by the words and ideas of those who came before us. The internet is gradually becoming, to quote myself: "a global indestructible pocket-Alexandria" - a repository of all human knowledge (as well as all human porn, and inane and sometimes unpleasant mutterings of all kinds). It's like an akashic record, or a great mental collective alchemical petri-dish. Some there are who died before words became "electronic data" - back when they were still ink on pages - and who were never published and who have ideas to pass on. If you have such a person in your family - and you have such letters in your attic - it might be worthwhile to consider taking the time to sit there and type it up, or scan it with one of those word-recognizers (but please proof read it after) to add…