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Heraldic Shields

"Coats of arms were us-versus-them identifiers in the time of Charlemagne, when armor cost a great deal, and hard charging was the way to solidify agreement-disagreement ping-pong.

In the Lands of the Free, what are heraldic shields used for? Emblems of identification upon prestige vehicles and others.

What does this have to do with ego-minds' creations from nothing but chain-habit?

Have the Amish and the Black-Bumper Mennonites and their Kin already brought down wisdom we could all use regarding these and other reflective surfaces?"

- Transformations 11:14 (John Dan Reib, 1976)

I heard a story from a former student of my dad's about how he'd brought the whole class out to the PCC parkinglot and started talking about the symbols on all the cars, so that his students could know exactly what it was that these symbols were unconsciously evoking in them so many hundreds of times a day. Inspired by this, I decided to give a brief synopsis of some of them..

The BMW figh…