What Would Yeshe Do #5

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Episode 5: Tashi Sangpo

To Be A Yogi #34

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Episode 34: Tiffany Aiyana Aguila

What Would Yeshe Do #4

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Episode 4: Robbe & Ajay Goyal

Esoterinerd #98

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Episode 98: Buzani Mnguni

Esoterinerd #97

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Episode 97: Ku Ho Hu & LODRAKA

Walking the Crooked Path: The Path of the Flaming Sword

Special Thank You to Sal Santoro and Popi Mavros at The Crooked Path Occult Apothecary in Burbank for allowing me to lead my five-part workshop there over these past five weeks!

The Integratron


Do you, like me, sometimes (often??) find yourself laughing your ass off whilst reading the label of Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap products?  If so, then this one's for you:

As Ron talked about in: dad (John Dan Reib) and his mom (Harriet) used to drive up to Giant Rock in the 1950's waiting for the mothership to land.  One day my grandmother gave George Van Tassel a check for $50,000 and he built The Integratron.

Anyway, I just found this pamphlet they mailed out in 1963:

The pamphlet doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me, but I do like the building. Plus, I will admit, thinking of the many generations of hippies who've tripped out in Sound Baths and Drum Circles there, it gives me a tinge of pride knowing that my grandma paid for the thing.

I thought you might be amused.

Our First Five Days In Japan

With a backpack and a suitcase each, we Ubered to the airport. Armond our driver, upon learning of my profession, asked me for advice dealing with his sports injuries. In front of the Bradley Terminal, a group of young protesters with megaphones were shaming Air France and Delta for transporting animals for testing. Their words and their passion evoked tears from my chest, and I couldn't hold them back.

We passed through security, walked to gate 150-B, boarded, and flew northwest just under Alaska then Siberia, and worked our way down the East Coast of Asia. Alan, from Singapore, recommended watching “Interstellar” so we did. It was great, and inspired thoughts of other worlds Charles might visit in my Podcast “The Coffeehouse: An Interdimensional Odyssey.” Alan said, “It was great, but… why would there be a black hole right there?” I speculated based on my limited knowledge of such things – that perhaps the water planet was an outer planet or a moon of an outer planet of…


Every once in a while, I go through my dad's old papers
to find an old poem he wrote,
which I have not yet read, nor transcribed.
Today is one of those days...



Is it God thundering in the skies?

Is it the love in your eyes

That glow as the crystal of spring?

Is it the wavecrash on the mist of cliffs

Where the sea edges down on the forests

of the night?


What greater madness than to laugh in the skies

overwhelms us?

What greater majic than the darkness of the stars?

It's there, you'll hear it if you listen.


To the nightfall of the riversteamboats echoing

down the portals of the mind.

See the rainbow of the universe in one shadow

of another's humankind.

Walk crystal clear in the eyes of shining lakes

and seek what you would find.

And listen.

Listen to the echo

Of the songs of Infinite Mind.

(John Dan Reib, 1959)

Morning Routine

Good morning! I just thought I'd check in at this point with my morning routine for the usual suspects, friends, family, myself in the future, and people who might be interested after I finish this incarnation, et cetera.

This is a weekday morning schedule, and I've discovered through trial and error that it's a good idea to start Saturdays and Sundays with something very similar to this, though the exact timing may vary.

So, the exact way it worked today (it worked particularly well this morning, hence the interest in recording it here) was as follows:

6:07am Wake up, grab the water bottle from beside the bed, put on boxers and bathrobe and go outside to the yoga mat on the East side of the house.

I'm looking these up as I go and will try to include all the Sanskrit names for the poses I do regularly in this post (eventually). Starting with Tadasana Samasthiti(Mountain pose), then reaching up with both arms upward coming together into prayer hands above the he…

lunch break @ the hiding place

Largely inspired by reading Shobogenzo, on March 15th, 2013, I took up a particular self-discipline for my lunch breaks at work:

April 2013

That is, sitting meditation, or Zazen (坐 "Za", meaning seat or sitting, and 禅 "Zen" meaning meditation). More specifically, walking up ten flights of stairs to a secluded area near the roof of the building I work in, then doing a Hatha Yoga set, then sitting in Full Lotus (getting there, at least) the way Dogen says to in Fukanzazengi.

At first, this was much more of an athletic endeavor than a meditative one, since my legs aren't used to this. It's been a little over a month now doing this about twice a day for 20 minutes each (once during lunch break, during weekdays, and once in the evening at home), and while it is still a challenge, I find myself more able to let go into the meditative state, rather than simply enduring pain the whole time. Also, while I'm generally adhering to the eyes-open hands-like-so…

The Brightness

the whole Universe in ten directions is the brightness of the self.

the whole Universe in ten directions exists within the brightness of the self.

in the whole Universe in ten directions
there is no-one
who is not

this light illuminates
the eighteen thousand Buddha-lands
of the East.

"Buddha lands" means inside of the eyes.

the Buddha's light is not blue, yellow,
red, or white.

it was just the light that was guarded
by the dragon-gods.

it is the hundred weeds around you.

it is already their roots, stems,
twigs, leaves,
flowers, light, and color.

it is never something added or taken away.

how is it that mountains, rivers, and the Earth
suddenly appear?

the whole Universe in ten directions
is the brightness of the self.

transcendence of the common
and transcendence of the sacred
are the indigo and vermillion
of the brightness

practice and experience
are the brightness being separated
into means and end

smoke, mist, wa…

The 57 Perceptics

1. Time

2. Sight

3. Taste

4. Color

5. Depth

6. Solidity

7. Relative sizes

8. Sound

9. Pitch

10. Tone

11. Volume

12. Rhythm

13. Smell

14. Touch
(pressure, friction, heat or cold and oiliness)

15. Personal emotion

16. Endocrine states

17. Awareness of awareness

18. Personal size

19. Organic sensation
(including hunger)

20. Heartbeat

21. Blood circulation

22. Cellular and bacterial position

23. Gravitic
(self and other weights)

24. Motion of self

25. Motion

26. Body position

27. Joint position

28. Internal temperature

29. External temperature

30. Balance

31. Muscular tension

32. Saline content of self

33. Fields/magnetic

34. Time track motion

35. Physical energy
(personal weariness, etc.)

36. Self-determinism

37. Moisture

38. Sound direction

39. Emotional state of other organs

40. Personal position on the tone scale*

41. Affinity
(self and others)

42. Communication
(self and others)

43. Reality
(self and others)

44. Emotional state of groups


DNA-Alphabet memorization tool

To get started, you'll need a 4-sided die and an index card. Simply copy the information on the above index card onto your index card.

Just roll a 4-sided die three times, and each time you roll, say aloud the name of the Nucleic Acid. If you roll a "1", say "Adanine". If you roll a "2", say "Uracil". If you roll a "3", say "Guanine". If you roll a "4", say "Cytosine".

After you have rolled it three times, find the particular permutation (the Nucleic Acid sequence which you spoke aloud) on the index card. Say the letter and the Amino Acid aloud, or say the name of the Aminio Acid aloud, while writing the Amino Acid's corresponding letter on a fresh piece of paper.

Do this at least a few times per day until you no longer need the index card.

Here are some other things you can try: rather than rolling one 4-sided die three times, you can get 3 4-sided dice of 3 different colors, and roll them a…

DNA-Word for the day: Indolethylamine N-Methyltransferase